The Comedy Cabinet


Whether you are going to a wedding, bar mitzvah, work trip, or a big birthday party, you friends and family aren’t always right around the corner. Sometimes, you have to fly in an airplane to get there, right?

One funny thing about flying is when you land at the airport, but then still wait in the airplane. Sometimes for like an hour after landing! Isn’t it crazy that on most planes, you, the passenger, can track the flight minute-by-minute while in the air from a screen in the back of a seat? You knew that you were going to land at 7:53pm. The flight information is provided by the airplane itself! So how did Air Traffic Control not know what time you’d land and then save you a spot?! Then you sit in the plane waiting for a place to taxi up like you’re waiting for a parking spot at the grocery store on a Saturday morning.

The worst part is when you land early and get that announcement: “Hi, this is your captain speaking. We actually made it to our destination early thanks to some great tailwinds.”
Then everyone smiles / pretends they know what tailwinds means.

“But unfortunately we are waiting to be assigned a gate to taxi at.”

Then everyone groans.

“If you think traffic is bad here, wait til you get on the 405 highway tonight.”

And then you realize your pilot wishes he was a stand-up comedian. But it’s okay. Eventually, you get off the plane, and are off to celebrate!