Chinese Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in the United States is a pretty popular holiday. Whether it’s a couple setting aside time to spend with each other, or giving a classmate a card to brighten their day, plenty of good comes from Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, there are the haters who feel it’s just a super corporate greeting card holiday.

Whether you can’t get enough of it and don’t want to wait until February to celebrate it again, or you think it is the worst and want to trade it in for a new holiday… there is the perfect thing for you: Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is technically called Qixi Festival. It takes place on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Translation: it general happens sometime in August. This year, Qixi Fest falls on August 17th.

The background of this holiday really pulls at the heartstrings. A pair of lovers named Zhinu and Niulang were not allowed to be together, and were banished to opposite sides of the Milky Way. Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of birds would form a bridge to bring the coupe back together for just one day, so that their love could remain.

Simply put, cherish the ones you love. Whether you do it on Chinese Valentine’s Day, American Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year, it is important to take time to open up your heart to those who mean the most to you.