Something To Smile About

There are 10 Federal holidays in the United States per year, which means the other 355 days of the year are just your average, normal days. However, if you look outside of our borders, it turns out that around the world, people have something to celebrate just about every single day of the year!

This week there are dozens of holidays being celebrated around the world. I wrote each one down on a small piece of paper, pulled one out of a hat, and the winner is: Independence Day in Vanuatu! Taking place on Monday, July 30th.

Wait…where the heck is Vanuatu?

Glad you asked! Vanuatu is a tiny country made up of 83 even tinier islands. The country is essentially a series of dots in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, located about 1,000 miles east of Northern Australia.


Vanuata was actually called “New Hebrides” until it gained Independence from France and the United Kingdom on July 30, 1980.

So if you are looking for a something to celebrate today, it’s Independence Day in Vanuatu! It certainly looks like a place worth celebrating…