Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: This week’s topic: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. We eat amazing food, we get together with friends and family, and we reflect on what we are thankful for. There is a ton to be thankful for that many people take for granted, and on this day, it is nice to make an effort to remember the good in life.

However, this is a comedy blog, so here’s a list of silly things to be thankful for!

  1. Thanksgiving being on a Thursday. Thank you to whoever put this glorious holiday on a Thursday, essentially giving everyone everywhere a 4-day weekend for basically no reason.

  2. Venmo. It was so annoying to split the check or pay somebody back with the currency of the past aka actual cash. Thanks, Venmo, for rectifying that, and in a way that utilizes emojis!

  3. Slip-On Shoes. Who has time to untie their shoes, squish their feet in, then tie their shoes back up? Certainly not me! Slip-on shoes FTW.

  4. Stoplights with a countdown. When you’re waiting to cross the street, how nice is it when you see that countdown?! Answer: So nice.

  5. Chocolate. It’s just unbelievable that somebody found these crazy cocoa beans (which, mind you, do not taste like chocolate) and figured out how to turn them into sweet, delicious, satisfying chocolate. Amazing!