Advice Perfetta: Gossip & Rumors

Question: While gossip doesn’t affect my day-to-day life, people in general love a good rumor! How would you recommend dealing with gossip and rumors if it’s about you or someone you know?

Dear Reader,

You are completely right that people love to gossip! Rumors take many shapes and forms, but it is never a nice feeling to be the one that people are talking about. However, there are a few strategies you can implement to combat gossip.

Firstly, if you know who is spreading rumors and gossiping, politely confront them. In a nice, open, non-aggressive manner, simply let them know that what they’re saying isn’t true. Sometimes a gossiper doesn’t even realize how much they are hurting someone, and once informed of the truth, will immediately stop. If they love talking so much, they might even start spreading the truth instead!

Ignoring gossip is another good strategy. If someone is using gossip to get a rise out of you, then they’ll get bored pretty fast if you appear completely neutral to it.

And if it’s getting to you too much, or causing you real problems, then it is time to tell an authority figure. Someone in charge, whether that’s a teacher, manager, boss, etc will help put a stop to the gossip if it feels like it is beyond your control.

Stay positive and being confident in yourself, but always remember that it’s okay to seek help too!

Hope that helps! Till next time…

-Advice Perfetta