Advice Perfetta: Back to School Blues

Question: I’ve been back to school for a month now, and I’m really bummed about it! I miss summer. What should I do to get over my back to school blues?

Dear Reader,

First of all, this is a totally normal feeling. Summer is such a fun time. Between vacation, extra time with friends and family, camp, a summer job if you’re of age…and of course not having to do any schoolwork, it is pretty ideal! Not to mention the weather is often great. However, don’t lose sight of all the awesome things that the school year brings. Obviously getting an education is super important, and in time you will see the huge value in that if you do not currently. But there is also so much that happens during the school year that is irreplaceable.

You reunite with friends you may not have seen all summer. School is a great place to make new friends. And most of the best holidays take place during school time. What would the year be without Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, New Years, Thanksgiving…the list goes on!

So long story short: Make the most of your summers, but remember that the school year is great for so many reasons. It is easy to get frustrated by being back at school between homework, tests, and just being a lot busier in general, but the harder you work, the more rewarding all of the fun times are!

Hope that helps! Till next time…