Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: This week’s topic: Texting Culture: Round 2

In the first edition of our Comedy Cabinet’s Texting Culture blog post, we delved into two points of text message etiquette. First was the proper way to use an exclamation point when messaging. The other was the right way to “LOL”.

This week, we have another fresh unwritten rule of texting to unfold…

“Kk”, “Ok”, and “K”

These three slang variations of the English-language word “Okay” seem simple at first glance. But alas, do not fall into that trap. Each one, when said via text message, offers a very different thing.

The best option in almost every instance is “Kk”. For some reason, this comes across as a friendly way to communicate that you have gotten a message and are compliant.

Friend 1: “Hey I’ll be there in 30 minutes, running a little late.”

Friend 2: “Kk”

Now, that same exact conversation, but with “Ok” implies a mild frustration. Saying “Ok” is like saying “that’s fine” with a little bit of a sigh.

The big one that you should hope to never come across is “K”. If you get a “K” as a response to “running late”, that is basically silent anger. That is someone who is holding in yelling, and is just stewing in a broth of about-to-boil frustration. It is also a common response that hints at passive-aggressive anger, so when questioned they can simply say that their “K” response wasn’t a big deal; simply one letter used to acknowledge whatever it is you said to them.

The “K” will either be uppercase or lowercase depending on if the person typing it wants to take the time to change the auto-correct that capitalizes the first letter of a message.

Oddly enough, any of these variations with an exclamation point is totally fine, and implies no negative feelings.

But if you get a “K” with a period [“K.”] - run for the hills…

Next time on the Comedy Cabinet, we are going to wrap up our Texting Culture advice with perhaps the most important tip of them all…