Advice Perfetta: Dealing With Bad Weather

Question: The weather in my area is really, really crappy for half of the year. It’s starting to get cold, rainy, and soon it’ll be snowy. It really gets me down! How can I stay positive when every time I step outside I’m uncomfortable?

Dear Reader,

Unless you live in a place with a near-perfect climate like San Diego or Los Angeles, frequently struggling with the elements is a part of life that you have to get used to.

First and foremost, seasonal depression is a very real condition, and if you feel as though you may be suffering from this, it is best to see a doctor and get the help you need.

However, if it’s not that serious, there are plenty of methods of self-help you can introduce into your life.

Making sure you are dressed appropriately is HUGE. If by time you get to your destination and you are soaked with wet shoes and socks, and are freezing cold, you’ll be a lot grumpier than if you had the right clothes for the elements.

Adjusting your activities to work WITH the climate is super helpful. Find an outdoor sport that is meant for cold climates, find a good indoor activity, etc. By time better weather rolls around winter will have gone by so fast!

Lastly, remember that each season is finite, and although one season may provide you with less than ideal weather, another season is approaching in a matter of weeks or months that will make you happier.

Hope that helps! Till next time…

-Advice Perfetta