Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: This week’s topic: Texting Culture

Hate to say it, but there are certain things that a good text message requires these days, and if you fail to put them in, you might accidentally come off as a rude. Nobody knows exactly when or how this happened, but it is our silly reality in the digital age. A few examples…

Exclamation points

Sure, maybe we all incorrectly use exclamation points now, but if you fail to add one in certain contexts of your text, you may appear to be rudely unenthusiastic.

Friend 1: “Hey you left your hat at my place, I’ll give you it next time we hang out.”

Friend 2: “Thanks.”

Now Friend 1 is thinking, ‘Oh no, did I offend him? Should I have offered to bring it to him today? Ah!’

But if Friend 2 had said “Thanks!” - then it would’ve felt more genuine, and Friend 1 would be all good, knowing that he had a positive exchange with his buddy.

Usage of “Lol” or “haha”

Sometimes you just have to send that silly little “lol” or “haha” to soften the tone of your text message. Without it, it’s hard to gauge your emotional response.

Friend 1: “Why is work so boring today?”

Friend 2: “Idk”

Again, Friend 2’s “Idk” falls flat here without an accompanying “haha” or lol”. Adding that touch of laughters lets Friend 1 know that they are on the same page, rather than wondering if Friend 2 responded with a meek 3-letter answer because they felt obligated, but not interested.

It’s a whole world of unwritten rules in the realm of texting, but we are here to help! Next time, we will dive deep into some additional texting normal, like the difference between ‘K, Ok, and Kk’, and the right way to use emojis.