Twinkling Tiaras

Day or night, these radiant tiaras are sure to make your guests look and feel like royalty!

Vita Perfetta Twinkling Tiaras will give your guests a gift they can truly treasure, a one of a kind floral adorned LED tiara.

These twinkling floral tiaras are hand crafted by our artists at your event using a gorgeous array of flowers then it’s up to your guests to choose which tiara most speaks to them.  

At night these tiaras are a sight to behold as the vibrant flowers seem to glow all on their own and during the day they’re just a beautiful letting the flowers’ natural splendor speak for themselves.

Give your guests the royal treatment with Vita Perfetta Twinkling Tiaras.

Vita Perfetta Twinkling Tiaras Poem

A crown befitting of king or queen

In day or night they glow and gleam

Like some lost relic or forgotten dream

The most beautiful tiara’s you’ve ever seen

Nature and technology all in one

How wonderfully they wend and run

Floral facing, lights interlacing

All unique, there’s no replacing

For party favors, it can’t be beaten

Go to Vita Perfetta for the real royal treatment