Cotton Candy has a magical quality to it. As this twirling confection swirls from sandy sugar into a soft candy cloud, it evokes a feeling of nostalgia and wonder for people of all ages. That is why Vita Perfetta is proud to unlock its Cotton Candy Collection, just for you.

Choose from one of the unique Cotton Candy Collection selections below to treat your guests to a sugary experience like no other.

The Classic: Watch as sugar is spun to your delight! Delicious Cotton Candy is crafted right before your eyes! Choose from several flavor options for your fluff, as well as custom colors to match the theme of your event! Add on accents like edible glitter to splash on some extra shine.

Glow Cotton Candy: Instead of just regular cotton candy sticks, have your cotton candy “glow”. Glow cotton candy is made on LED glow sticks with seven different light up modes to choose from. Watch as your cotton candy changes colors as you eat it.


Cotton Candy Macaroons: Substitute cream and jam for luscious layers of cotton candy sandwiched between magnificent macaroons. Mix and match flavors of these fine French cookies, then add extras like sprinkles, sugar stars, and more to your cotton candy filling.

Cotton Candy Cones: We dip classic ice cream cones in gourmet melted chocolate, colored to match your event theme. Before the chocolate hardens, we roll it in a wild range of mouth-watering candies. Then, we make this the ultimate sugar cone by filling it with several scoops of your favorite fructose: cotton candy!

With Vita Perfetta’s Cotton Candy Collection, we’ll be sure to keep the good times and the sugar spinning all party long!

**Does not contain: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy, Eggs or Soy