7/11 has the Big Gulp. KFC has the double-down. And now Vita Perfetta has #SweetExtreme

These sweets are so extreme that they don’t even have ice cream! Wait, huh? Our crazy concoctions can be crafted in 2 ways:


Option 1:

We fill a gorgeous glass dish, mason jar, or milk glass with either a base of frozen hot chocolate, or unicorn pink chocolate milk. However, both bases are made with non-dairy coconut milk, which is also kosher, vegan, AND gluten free.

FullSizeR_3(1) 2.jpg

Option 2:

Instead of a dish, choose from a classic waffle cone, or a waffle bowl to fill up with tons of sweet treats, rather than frozen hot chocolate.

Here is where it really gets wild…we take it to the next level by lining the rim of your glass or waffle cone/bowl with cookie butter, sprinkles, or crumbled cookies.

But wait, we aren’t done yet! This is called “extreme” after all.

#SweetExtreme Unicorn Style

#SweetExtreme Unicorn Style

The final step? Fill up your gone, or pile your glass high with any sweet, sugary candy, confection, or baked piece of perfection you can imagine! From cake and cookies to a donut atop a cone, go big then go home, with an extremely satisfied sweet tooth!

Brownies, sours, lollipops, even pop tarts are in play. No topping is too tall! This is dessert YOUR way!

If you want to whip up an other-worldly dessert full of magic and splendor, we also have additional add-ons to make your #SweetExtreme unicorn style! Pink cotton candy, pastel candies, and swirly sippy straws perfectly compliment our non-dairy pink “unicorn” chocolate milk. Certified unicorn friendly, of course.

Once you’ve made the biggest, sweetest #SweetExtreme of all time, take a picture of your crazy creation before enjoying your towering tub of sweet treats.

It’s time to be bold about desert, with Vita Perfetta’s #SweetExtreme