“Dude, that’s sick!”


“Whoa,so rad! How’d you do that?!”

“It looks perfect, I can’t imagine it any other way!”

Those are just a few of the compliments you’ll get once your friends check out your freshly

tricked out gear, thanks to a Vita Perfetta Sticker Bomb session.

Choose from 1000s of sticker decal options to transform your new stuff from lame and plain to

crazy and cool! Literally anything you can imagine, from characters to logos, food to emojis,

and everything in between exists as a sticker option.

Our Sticker Bomb tagger will help you spick out your stickers or tag the items for you. Create a

chaotic cluster, a peaceful pattern, or a mix of both! Anything goes!

Below is a sampling of items we can provide for you to Sticker Bomb:

cell phone cases



skate decks


picture frames

lunch boxes

water bottles

Convert your stuff from plain to insane, with Vita Perfetta’s Sticker Bomb service!