Stacey Cakes bring your fantasies to life! You dream it, and we’ll create it.

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...made with a dash of magic and a heaping helping of love.

These crazy creations are entirely edible. Fluffy peak of sweet frosting, yummy ganache, and moist cake come together for completely life-like and totally delicious desserts! What’s your theme? We’ll take it to the next level. Your special day is our special day!


Deep in the enchanted forests of Holland lived a humble maiden and her beloved grandmother. By day, grandmother baked spectacular creations to be delivered to the palace. You see, grandmother’s baked goods were legendary throughout the land. With only flour, sugar, her magic whisk, and the secret ingredient, she created a new dessert every day. By night, grandmother taught the lovely maiden all of her secrets...

...and that’s how it all started. Well...not quite...

Stacey’s beloved grandmother taught her to bake while growing up in Orange County. And through trial and error and many mistakes and even more solutions, she discovered the secrets of baking, including that one fundamental necessity of mouthwatering scrumptiousness.

She started with making amazing desserts for close friends and family. A labor of love, she used all of her knowledge to craft these unimaginable lifelike creations. Now she brings her gift to the world. To Stacey, each client is a member of the family!