Vita Perfetta is taking tableware to the next level, with Spoon Jewelry!

We hand-craft hip and stylish jewelry out of the handle and the shallow oval bowl of the spoon, creating a one-of-a-kind treasure that you could never find anywhere else.

The spoons we provide are intricate in design, boasting gorgeous craftsmanship, swirling patterns, and beautiful border patterns. Our expert spoon jewelers then hand stamp whatever words you wish on your wonderful hollowware.

Once your spoon is ready to be served, we add a small hole and loop a pretty silver chain through so you can wear your new creation as a necklace!

If you want to spice up your silverware drawer, we’ve got another great option to get your spoons more than just shining!

Stir in some sweet or sassy sayings as you steep your tea, with fun phrases and clever puns hand-stamped into spoons of all sizes!

Below are some great puns and awesome suggested phrases for both your spoon jewelry and your hand-stamped spoons:

spoke too spoon
don’t tea’s me
sweet like honey
gimme some sugar
best friends
awesome sauce
rock & roll
cool beans
I love you a latte
stir crazy