Express yourself in crystals!

Vita Perfetta Spirit Bracelets offers your guests the chance to get into the spirit of things. With the help of our artist they’ll choose from a collection of crystals and birthstones, all with their own unique meanings, to make a bracelet that represents them.

The process of making these bracelets is a fun and thought provoking experience.

Even beyond their personal meaning these bracelets are stunning to look at and will be a precious keepsake of your event that your guests will cherish for years to come.

For that little special something, the choice is crystal clear, Vita Perfetta Spirit Bracelets.

Spirit Bracelets

A gorgeous piece of jewelry

That will make them stop and stare

A chance to prove it’s true

That you can be what you wear

A stunning string of gems and stone

Each its own meaning together, alone

The quartz is fire and healing

The turquoise, speech and truth

The garnet’s passionate feeling

Or aquamarine’s effervescent youth

To give your guests a treasure

That you know they will hold dear

For a thing they’ll love beyond measure

The choice is crystal clear

Vita Perfetta Spirit Bracelets