Whoever said you can’t buy happiness never catered a party with our S’more Bar.

The Vita Perfetta S’more Bar gives your guests the S’more experience they never knew they always wanted as they build their decadent dessert sandwiches from a buffet of top notch ingredients. 

Choose from an array of exotic and handcrafted artisinal marshmallows (Vanilla Bean, Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Chipette, Lemon Meringue and more) then roast them to your heart’s content over our mini-fire pit.”

At Vita Perfetta we marsh to the beat of our own mallow that’s why we’ve given our chocolate bars a silly and sweet makeover too. Our gourmet chocolate bars are infused with dazzling and delicious mixes (sprinkles, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, strawberries, etc) that will have your guests sprinting for the dessert table.

Whether your guests prefer a more traditional treat or wish to dive headlong into the sweet saucy deep end, we’ve got you covered.

Give your guests s’more than the ordinary with the Vita Perfetta S’more Bar.