Back in the 1980s, an artist so secretive that his artist name was literally Mr. Secretive wanted to make a piece of art so unforgettable that he would go down in history as the most prolific artist of all time.

Well, he himself wouldn’t be known for anything, because nobody knew who he was, but anyway…

It being the ‘80s, he used sequins. A lot of them. He worked nonstop for weeks, and suddenly it was born: The Shimmer Wall.

It was a big wall, covered entirely in sequins of a single color. Initially, it didn’t seem like it was worthy of exhibiting in every big art museum in the world.

But if you got close to the wall, and dared to touch turns out you could draw designs with a simple swipe of your finger. All of the sequins were reversible, and on the flip side was a different color.

It was a world-wide sensation. Everyone wanted to be their own artist on the shimmer wall. The ‘80s would’ve been nothing if not for Mr. Secretive’s clever art installation.

Now, decades later, the shimmer wall has reemerged, thanks to Vita Perfetta!

Mr. Secretive still lives a life of secrecy, but his wall provides people at parties with an amazing piece of art to play with!

The shimmer wall is the perfect place for photo ops too! Show off your shimmering designs by taking a professional pic with the shiniest of backgrounds, or snap a selfie! We can even provide free-standing selfie mirrors for the most authentic of selfie experiences.

Create, ideate, and forgo the rules with Vita Perfetta’s Shimmer Wall!