Who said bling has to stay on a ring?!

With Vita Perfetta Rhinestone Lips, you can make your lips shine Rihanna-style: bright like a diamond!

First, start with a layer of liquid lipstick to turn your lips into a vibrant canvas.

Next, choose from our vast selection of rhinestones. Any color you can think of, we’ve got it.

From metallic to glossy, matte to flashy, we can tack on any texture.

Lastly, our expert cosmetician will carefully enhance your lips with this beautiful aesthetic addition. We safely apply a cosmetic adhesive glue, then voila! You’re ready to rule the runway!

For a look that shines as brightly as you do, try Rhinestone Lips by Vita Perfetta!


If you thought glitter was just for arts and crafts, get ready to be amazed by our beauty expert staff…

Sprinkle fun and magic into your look, with Vita Perfetta Glitter Lips!

Our cosmeticians can create a look that’ll “reflect” you, and whatever color you choose! We start with a matte liquid lipstick, then from there apply safe and standout glitter lipstick to make your lips stick out!

Shock the world and stand out with mesmerizing, run-way level lipstick that’ll light up any room you walk through, with Vita Perfetta Glitter Lips!