Ready for a bagel that Dorothy would sing about going over? Can you handle a bagel that has leprechauns lining up to see it?

Introducing the wildest bagel of them all: Vita Perfetta’s Raindough Bagels!

We’ll bring a splash of color to your event with our RAINBOW bagels! Time to make your Roy G. Biv dyed bagels the life of the party!

Picking out your perfectly red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet bagel (aka Roy G. Biv) is only the beginning.

Choose from a vast selection of either sweet or savory toppings to make your own custom, delicious master-snack.

Here are some suggested topping combos:


refried bean dip, cheese whiz, Fritos

ranch, Funyuns

queso, red peppers, nachos


cookie butter, pretzels, m&m’s, teddy grahams

pink frosting, popcorn, sixlets, sprinkles

vanilla frosting, animal cookies, donuts, sprinkles

chocolate ganache, donuts, cookie mix

chocolate frosting, marshmallow, cinnamon toast crunch

For a snack that even the Wizard of Oz wouldn’t put back, try Vita Perfetta’s Raindough Bagels!