Visit the nail salon of the future, with Vita Perfetta’s Print-On Nails!

It’s as simple as it sounds! Pick out your design, place your nails in our machine, and watch as your nails transform from plain to printed-on in a matter of moments!

You can pick a pattern per hand, or even have each and every nail decorated with its own unique design.

Our nail printer comes loaded with a zillion designs! That’s right, a zillion. That’s more than a trillion times a trillion, times another trillion.

However, there’s always that one-in-a-zillion chance that you’d rather go with a different design than what we can offer. No problem! Upload designs straight from your phone, and in less than a minute they can be on your nails, in stunning, crystal-clear quality!

For perfectly painted nails, try Vita Perfetta’s Print-On Nails!