From enchanted forest themes to fairytale princess parties, Vita Perfetta storybook fairy princesses turn fantasy into reality.  Our beautiful fairies and storybook princesses have a way of making each and every guest feel special.

Let them enchant your event with beautiful costumes and fun activities.


·      Story Telling

Our storybook fairy princesses will take your guests to far away lands full of magic and adventure all without leaving their seats.


·      Fairy Flower Crowns

Transform your guests into enchanted forest fairies and sprites with our colorful flower crowns.  The beautiful flowers, in a variety of colors, combine to make each crown unique.


·      Custom Crafted Princess Jewel Tiaras

A princess is not complete without her crown! Party guests absolutely love designing their jeweled tiaras with our bright, colorful gemstones.


·      Fairy Tale Glitter or Metallic Tattoos

Shine as bright as your favorite fairy tale star with your choice of glitter, metallic tattoos or both! It’s a fun way to become instantly glamorous. Talk to us about custom metallic tattoo designs. If you can imagine it, we will create it.


·      Magical Make Up and Body Jewel Bar

Our makeup artists love transforming each girl into a princess or fairy with bright, shimmery makeup and beautiful body jewels.


·      Royal Braid Bar with Hair Charmsies

We take it over the top in everything we do, and this is no exception. Watch your guests be transformed with our intricate braiding styles complete with charmsies hair jewels.


·      Glamorous Nail Bar

It’s all about the nails! A true princess is fabulous from head to toe. We glam it up with nail strips, foils, jewels and other embellishments. It’s a manicure fit for royalty.


·      Request a Royal Photographer

Our professional and creative photographer will record your perfect day, capturing the memories forever. 


*Custom Packages Also Available*