Innovators have always paved the way.

A record-player becomes a cassette-player, then morphs into a CD-player, until finally we have the iPod.

A typewriter becomes a desktop computer, which transforms into a laptop and tablet.

A rotary phone becomes a cordless phone, then a cell phone, and now a smartphone.

And as of today, an entire printing press is simplified down to Vita Perfetta’s Portable Prints.

With a handle-held device that looks like a large scanner, you can have designs printed literally instantly on literally anything! From t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, and any accessory under the sun, grab your ink-gun and get customizing!

Using an EBS Handjet Portable Printer, select your styling and watch as the Handjet glides over your item of choice, using an acetone-based ink that dries upon contact.

This is the definition of instant gratification - the ink dries so quickly that you can actually have brand new designs scanned onto your clothes while you’re still wearing them!

Technology, magic, fashion and art all collide with Vita Perfetta Portable Prints!