When you hear the words “Popcorn Bar”, two things could potentially come to mind:

1. A single candy-bar comprised of popcorn 

2. A self-serve popcorn buffet 

We love options and so do you! That’s why we now offer both types of Popcorn Bar!

Popcorn Candy Bar

Take your favorite popcorn combination and get ready to double down on deliciousness! We drizzle-then-douse popcorn in a delectable melted chocolate of your choosing. Once your favorite flavored popcorn is coated, it’s then shaped into candy bars. Enjoy them at your event or have them covered in custom wrappers so you can take them home too! 

Popcorn & Candy Buffet

 Why settle when you can kettle? This is far from a plain popcorn party! Imagine a custom-created concession stand, but with even more variety! With flavors from kettle corn to cheese, dark chocolate sea salt to sweet and spicy, and everything in between, your guests’ crunchy cravings will be beyond satisfied! 

Add anything from M&Ms to gummy bears, sweet drizzles like caramel and chocolate, and any other candy topping you can think of! Mix it all up in one theater-sized bucket of movie-accompanying madness, or enjoy your sweet and salty treats one at a time. 

With a Vita Perfetta Popcorn Bar, once you pop the fun don’t stop! …Pringles may have invented that phrase, but come on, it’s so much better for a popcorn bar…