Hands on hips.

Peace sign.

Strike a pose!

Cool glare.

Blow a kiss.

Elegant wave.

Classic candid.

It’s time to choose your look, ‘cause you’re getting the red carpet treatment! Walk into the room like you own the place, with our Paparazzi Celebrity Celebration.

Drake? Don’t know him. Beyoncé…who? You’re the celebrity tonight, and all eyes are on you!

Be the center of attention as you and your guests strut into a scene complete with a red carpet, custom backdrop, stunning lights, and a cluster of paparazzi all desperate to snap a shot of you!

From flashing lights to limelight, light up the night with your smile so bright! Bulbs bursting and cameras popping, there’s no stopping you!

Being the focus of the paparazzi is a big deal; just ask Lady Gaga! Next thing you know she’ll write a song about you, too!

With Vita Perfetta’s Celebrity Celebration, it’s your turn to run the night.

Are you ready for your close-up?