Rum and Coke. Margarita. Gin and Tonic. And now…oxygen?!

That’s right, we are breathing a breath of fresh air into what a bar can provide, with Vita Perfetta’s Oxygen Bar!

oxygen bar 1.jpg

Pull up a seat at the Oxygen Bar and inhale excellence. Our set-up accommodates four patrons at once, offers up to four flavors at a time, and is suitable for all ages!

Wait - what? Flavored oxygen?

Yes indeed! An aromatic solution comprised of all-natural scents is added to bubbling bottles of oxygen, giving you a refreshing flow of air through a nasal cannula. Flavors are created using food-grade particles, and range from your favorite fruits to calming remedies such as lavender or jasmine.

The benefits that an Oxygen Bar session can provide are endless. Aside from overall relaxation, aerating with oxygen is said to increase energy and alertness, provide sinus relief, reduce stress, and is even rumored to be a magic cure for hangovers.

Breathe-lievers spend anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes intaking oxygen - the longer the session, the most benefits you breathe in!

21% of the Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of oxygen, so let’s bring some of that atmosphere to your event, with a Vita Perfetta Oxygen Bar!