Krome Body Metallic Tattoos

Jewelry Inspired Metallic Tattoos

Krome Body Tattoos are a unique and innovative way to give your style and look a whole new “jewelry” edge.  KB are temporary jewelry inspired tattoos created in the hopes of inspiring the wearer with both beauty and meaning.  

There is always a change in fashion but temporary metallic jewelry is definitely the best option! The tattoos can be worn anywhere, on any occasion, are appealing for any age, and are great party favors and gifts.  There is a full line of necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings, anklets and symbols that can be worn anywhere on the body and they manifest many themes – safari, ocean, edgy, etc. that fit all personalities: and are a fashionable and trendy way to accessorize.   

They take just a few seconds to apply, are safe, water resistant and last approx. 3-7 days.  Avoiding lotions and oils make them last longer.   Also, they are easy to remove painlessly with a little baby oil using a cotton ball, wash cloth or tissue.  Most importantly they are fun, enjoyed by all, and a fantastic way to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Glow in the Dark Metallic Tattoos