“Words, words, words.”

Want to express how you feel about someone but don’t know the right words use? Let Vita Perfetta do the writing for you On Demand.

Writing on Demand is a unique, lyric and verse writing service from us to you. In the electronic age, sometimes the personal touch can be lost. Allow one of our artists to take your subject of choice and paint a picture in words to capture your thoughts and feelings in a measure.

They will craft a completely original limerick, free verse, lyric, haiku, etc. It will be typed, signed, sealed and delivered!

Whether it’s for friends, family, yourself or that special someone, this imaginative poetic performance has a way of capturing a moment and making it last a lifetime. Writing on Demand is the perfect addition to any special occasion: birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, weddings, baby showers and more.

While you’re waiting for your thought out and specially written words, one of our talented artists will help you design the envelope for your message to go into. The perfect seal for the perfect gift.



As our writers create poems for your party guests, we’ll print a copy and post them on our decorative display. They’ll love seeing each other’s unique poetry as the display fills. At the end of the night, we’ll combine all of the poems into a one of kind keepsake poetry book. You’ve never seen a guestbook quite like this. It’s such a unique way to remember your special day!

Let us create memories for you with Writing on Demand.

Your Night

Your Night

Tonight is your night 

As you dance in the spotlight

There’s not a sad face in the crowd

Your parents in the corner, smiles beaming, gleaming, proud

Your friends an adoring chorus call your name as they all cheer

As your loved ones come to see you

Yes, they’ve traveled far and near

They’re electric with excitement

You could see their smiles from space

They’ve all come to celebrate you

And to see your lovely face


We could sit a shivah

To the passing of your youth

Tell the tooth fairy to take a hike

It’s your final baby tooth

But today’s a day to celebrate

Nostalgia time can wait

As we Hava Nagila

And wheel ya round the floor

Say goodbye to girlhood

Womanhood’s stepping through the door.

Stepping Out

When you awoke today

They say, you were a girl

But now a woman steps out

To set her mark upon the world

It’s strange a change can happen so fast

How quickly thirteen years flew passed

This morning you awoke

A scroll unfurled and then you spoke

And now a woman

A long lustrous future that stretches far beyond

Anything you can imagine

Or the weeks and months now gone

But remember as you journey forth

To live the days for all they’re worth

Give your all to all you love

And that will be enough

One body

One Body

One me

My spirit runs through my veins

Deep and fluid like an oceans breeze

It’s not like a bird in a cage

Hiding, fearing, dreading, shy

My spirit is full of energy and life

Soaring the skies

I am as I’ve always been

A man trapped inside my skin

Now I’m free

For all the world to see

Free to be me

One Body

One me

From Afar

I saw you from afar

And I knew

We’d only just met

Yet I knew

There was something there

There always has been

I need time to think

But when I think, I think of you

Do I take the leap or risk the fall?

I don’t want to lose you

Not ever

Not at all

I see you now

As you are

I know you now

As you are

There is something here

That is clear

And now I know







Don’t let a moment pass you by

Whether with friends or passerby

Model or Vogue

Or on the road

Don’t let it slip away





Hugging Nathan

Oh Nathan,

You’re such a swell guy

I love you like a fat kids loves pie

You make me laugh when I’m feeling down

Even though you’re not the class clown

You’re my best friend

Till the very end

So here’s a hug from me to you

Your buddy through and through,


Jazz Beat

Tap your feet

Move to the beat

Be cool

Be smoothe

You hear that rhythm?

Just groove



That’s a wrap