KELLY, GEORGE, BOB, and STEPH walk off the dance floor after an incredible Cotton Eye Joe dance session.

The group looks around for their next activity, and notices a booth. A banner at the booth says: "Live Screenwriting".

Intrigued, they walk up to the Live Screenwriting booth, where a gentleman named SAM is seated.

SAM Hey guys, want to try out Live Screenwriting?

KELLY Sure! How does it work?

SAM Just give me a quick story, a few characters, and I’ll write up a professional 1 or 2-page short screenplay for you! Just come back before you leave the party, and I’ll have it printed out and ready to go.

STEPH So does it look like a real, Hollywood screenplay?

SAM Yup!

GEORGE Wow! Can I be in the story?

KELLY Hey, I asked first, George!

SAM Of course! It can be anything!

BOB That’s amazing!

Sam smiles and gets a pen, ready to jot down notes.

SAM So guys, what’s the story?

Kelly, Bob, Steph, and George excitedly converse.FADE TO BLACK