Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare for a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before! 

Through a dashing display of digital lights, get ready for a dancing duo like no other.

Women in wings will ignite the night with an illumination of LED lights. In a costume of vibrant Isis wings, dancers will dazzle the crowd with their colorful wonder. Jaws will drop to the floor as a majestic blur of green, purple, red, blue, and beyond soars through the air.

You may have seen a dozen clowns in a tiny car. Sure, you've witnessed trapeze artists flying high. And certainly you've happened upon a juggler, well..juggling. But never before, til now, will you have the opportunity to see a winged Goddess pair movement to music with unrelenting precision, gifting us mere mortals with a chromatic course in artistry and movement. 

Vita Perfetta’s LED Wing Dancers will amaze, mesmerize, and surprise you, like the Goddess Isis herself would certainly do...