Embroidered Body

Appliquétions - Pun on applications for Tattoos and appliqué is another term for thread-work

Temporary Tatting - Tatting is a stitching process that makes lace patterns plus play on tattoo

Smooth as Silk Tattoos

Laces, tracing over skin

Patterns, flatter without pins

Black and white

Embroidered fine

Temporary chic designs

Wear it, share it

So devine

Intermingling woven lines

With this tatting they’re sure to fawn

And in a few days, it will be gone

Vita Perfetta Temporary Tatting is a press-on decal that will have your skin looking lovely as lace. Our decals are applied with water and after 3-6 days naturally fade away.

Beautify your body with Vita Perfetta Temporary Tatting.