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Want an amazing event? 

We offer "out of the box," sophisticated, creative and reliable talent for your special events and occasions.  Whether you are planning an upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, holiday party, shower, carnival/festival, red carpet event, school function, or any other type of event, you need something to add some real flair to your look.

Vita Perfetta will set apart your event from all others and create a memorable experience your guests will remember forever. With our various options of creative services, we have something special for every age group. 

Check out which one is best for you, and have a Vita Party!


* Latest & Greatest *

The party is hot, everyone looks amazing, and you’re ready to show off. It’s time to take a selfie, and the Vita Perfetta Selfie Salon takes it to whole new level!

Imagine three hyped up selfie stations complete with the latest photo and video apps, hot backgrounds, fun props, and only the best lighting so you and your party guests can truly shine.

Want to be on the cover of a magazine or create a cool video? Grab all your friends, strike a pose, and turn up! First, choose your selfie station, and then take your shot. Click below to learn more about this awesome new service!




Vita Perfetta’s VR Rush is the hottest, new thing in party entertainment! Occulus Rift technology goes beyond traditional VR to create full sensory immersion.

Party guests take turns being swept into thrill-ride blazing, mind-blowing experiences all without leaving their seat. It’s an exhilarating ride into endless worlds of adventure.

Plunge into your favorite movies, travel through time, journey into outer space, and more.


Vita Perfetta Body Marbling is extreme party entertainment turnt all the way up!

It’s the hottest new trend in summer festival style and you’ve never seen anything like it.

Your body is the canvas with this cool water marbling technique.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice, Vita Perfetta Donut Bath Bombs are the hottest thing in spa luxury.

Bath beauty has never been this sweet.

Bright colors blend with all natural skin softening ingredients and dessert fragrances for a delicious party favor your guest will never forget!


One scoop, two scoop, three scoop, woah! Time to blow this pop stand, edible cookie dough is in the building!
Introducing Vita Perfetta’s Cookie Dough Bar! It’s here, it’s tasty and it’s EDIBLE. You don’t have to fight that craving anymore, Cookie Dough Bar is here to stay! 

Set up like a classic ice cream stand, our artists will scoop your dough for you and add any toppings that you desire. Once your unique dough creation is complete, you get to choose whether you want your dough in a cup or in a cone

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You can take the latest trends in fashion, such as eyelash and hair extensions, hair coloring and even facial hair sculpting, and you can take that all to the next level with the help of professional stylists.

This is a fun way to dress up your event, with your guests able to indulge their wildest fashion fantasies, without having to feel self-conscious. Why not make it a party where everyone is encouraged to create a unique style with the help of the pros.

tarot & numerology

Unlock the secrets of the Universe with Vita Perfetta Numerology and Tarot Readings! Party guests will love having their questions answered and learning fun aspects of their personality based on their unique numerology.

First, guests choose either a numerology chart or a tarot reading. Then, our kind and gentle readers offer guidance based on the guest’s unique question or chart.

Everyone will leave with a fun new outlook on life.