Way, way up in the North Pole, where toys are hand-crafted by elves of extraordinary skill, where Mr and Mrs. Claus dine on meals of milk and cookies, where reindeer polish their hooves, and where snow falls in perfect proportion each and every day, one small thing was different this year, compared to every other year in the history of time.

Elderwild, the eldest elf, wasn’t there.

Elderwild, or Eldy for short, had been working with the Claus family for thousands of years, though you’d never know it. He credited that to using a daily topical skin cream to maintain a youthful glow. But anyway…

Eldy had seen his poor friend St. Nick suffer for years, trying to create a naughty and nice list. Movies and tv shows made it seem like Santa made split-second decisions on the fate of each person, but the reality was that he found the process to be painstakingly difficult.

So Eldy took matters into his own hands. He spent most of 2018 working on what he dubbed his “Secret Santa Station”.

Finally, as of today, Eldy is ready to reveal it to the world.

Those who wish to know their fate must simply visit The Secret Santa Station and follow these steps below:

  1. Write a letter to Santa

  2. Put your letter in the magical mailbox

  3. Sit down in the “Eldy-chair”

  4. Watch as a secret source said to be Santa paints a picture of you, portraying you as either naughty, or as nice.

Regardless of the outcome, the magic of Christmas will be ever-present as Santa himself paints a picture of you to determine your fate, without actually being there…

As brush strokes create a vibrant holiday portrait, the spirit of Ol’ St Nick will be obvious in his thoughtful artistry, emanating from the North Pole down to you in a matter of mere moments.

Is it really Santa? Is it a ghost? A phantom? You can ask Eldy, but a good elf never reveals his tricks.

Plus, Eldy wants to stay on the nice list too!