The art of Henna

A Henna Party is a Celebration of Friendship, Art & Music

Unique and custom henna for your small private gatherings or your large private events.  It’s all the fun of body art without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.  We offer exotic designs ranging from simple to extravagant and use glitter accents for that special touch. 

Our henna is made with 100% purse essential oils and natural henna powder.  Applications are safe and performed by an with an experienced, classically trained artist. 


Henna is here like you’ve never seen it before! Every season, there’s something new and fresh on the party scene and Vita Perfetta White Henna is just that.

This newer, more temporary version of the traditional henna uses white body paint to create beautiful and intricate henna designs that party guests will love. The color is bold and stands out beautifully against your skin.

Let us turn your party all the way up with Vita Perfetta White Henna!