Hand Sculptures

The Statue of Liberty. Mount Rushmore. Michelangelo’s “David”. And now, you!

Immortalize the part of your body that says the most without ever talking: your hands!

With Vita Perfetta Custom Hand Sculptures, you can become your own legendary masterpiece, with a personalized bust of your hand made from plaster.

Chisel out an unforgettable experience in just a few easy steps. Your guests simply insert their hand into the casting gel, hold it there for a few minutes till a mold is formed and then we do the rest. 

After all is said and done, your guest is left with a beautiful statue of their hand that would even be the envy of Picasso!

Your real hands are cool and all, but can you accessorize them with flowers, poms, glitter, and more?! Let your artsy side go wild as you decorate your Hand Sculpture. Or if you are more of a purist, keep your cast clean and minimalist to let your hand speak (or perhaps gesture) for itself.

You can walk up the Statue of Liberty, you can drive up to Mount Rushmore, and you can take awesome selfies for Instagram with David.

But with your Custom Hand Sculpture, you get a piece of art that also has functionality. Use it to store rings, watches, keys, and more, or even just as an accent piece in your home. Either way, if whatever you need isn’t at your finger tips, the odds are it’ll be at the plaster-tastic finger prints of your Custom Hand Sculpture.

Put your party in good hands with Vita Perfetta Custom Hand Sculptures.