Today, there are more ways to entertain yourself than ever before. Apps, games, streaming services, and online videos. In order to keep people’s attention, you need to get your message across fast, and then move on. 

We’ve taken that exact philosophy, and applied it to t-shirts! Introducing Vita Perfetta Glow Ink Shirts!

Our glow-in-the-dark t-shirts can be drawn on with a pen light, instantly making you a clothing designer! Doodle some designs on your own, or have our Doodle Master draw you something great! Each doodle lasts for 5 minutes, and then it magically disappears so you can draw something new all over again! 

Are you afraid of the dark? No problem! We also offer chalk doodle shirts. Essentially a wearable chalkboard in t-shirt form, write whatever comes to mind, then erase it and start fresh!

Vita Perfetta Glow Ink Shirts will be the biggest ‘draw’ at your next event!