Jazz up your look like it’s the Roaring ’20’s, with Vita Perfetta’s Gatsby Getups!

These are Art Deco-rations at their finest. Create custom headbands, complete with fancy feathers, opulent jewels, and shimmering sequins to give some swing to your style!

You can’t do The Charleston without a crafty cap, and that’s just what we’re here to provide. If headbands aren’t for you, our Jazz Era top hats will go great with your doo! Add vibrant peacock feathers, a suave flower, and precious accessories to complete this sophisticated look.

Once you’ve got your getup going, take some selfies, hit the dance floor, and let the party commence like it’s 1925!

For a look that’ll put the “great” in “Gatsby”, give Vita Perfetta’s Gatsy Getups a whirl!