We’re taking the phrase “dress for success” to a whole new level, with Vita Perfetta’s Flower Power Portraits!


Do you love lilies?

Crazy about carnations?

Devoted to daises?

Got a taste for tulips?

..Not like, eating tulips, we just mean do you enjoy them? But anyway…

Our artists will draw a stylish, high-fashion sketch portrait of you. The finishing touch? We use actual pressed flowers as the illustration’s outfit, expertly shaping flora to blend into the portrait.

Whether it’s a skirt of sunflowers or a blouse of baby’s breath, flower fanatics will rejoice in seeing themselves clothed in chrysanthemums, adorned in asters, and draped in daffodils.

Take your portrait home and hang it up on the wall - it’ll be the envy of your house plants!

See yourself in a way you never thought possible, with Vita Perfetta’s Flower Power Portaits!