Illimitato is the Creative Entertainment Department of Vita Perfetta.

We exist to design, create, and fulfill on the intention and vision of our clients through partnership, creativity, and fun! 

We specialize in the word "WOW"! Through our expertise in all genres of dance performance, entertainment, and specialty acts, we provide our clients with a huge selection of fun/ exciting spectacles such as:

• Flash Mobs
• Crowd Participation Dances
• Grand Entrances
• Dance Performance & Entertainment 

Our dancer clientele is full of actively working professional dancers in the industry!

From television to film, artists, etc, the dancers we offer all have YEARS of experience to electrify your event!

Re'Sean Pates is a southern bred lover of candy, music, performing, and positive energy, bringing laughter, excitement, and peace to everything he does.

He is a professional dancer, choreographer, and singer based in Los Angeles.

His most recent credits include Hairspray Live, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Glee, and Apple.



Anthea Young, a Jamaican raised in Washington D.C., is a lover of fine wine and adventure.

With 12 years of experience in the entertainment industry, her most recent credits include Southwest Airlines Commercial, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Ted 2, Pharell Williams  & Selena Gomez.