A web that winds and weaves completely. Watchful as you slumber sweetly.

With personality and spirit they teem. More than your mere catcher of dreams.

One of a kind, made in the moment design. Built to reflect the guest it will protect.

Dazzled with feathers, laces, ribbons and beads. Come to Vita Perfetta for all your dream catching needs.


Vita Perfetta dream catchers made with a little extra panache. Our artists will craft your guests one-of-a-kind dream catchers that speak to who they are as dreamers. We aren’t afraid to get weird with it building funky and fun catchers that go beyond your guests’ wildest dreams. 

They want a unicorn horn on their dream catcher? A long tassely beard? Poms that oddly look like ears?

Vita Perfetta Dream Catchers, it’s just what you’ve been dreaming of.