Welcome to Vita Perfetta’s DIY Donut Shop! 

Gourmet, artisan donuts topped with crazy confection combinations may be the hottest dessert trend right now… but imagine being able to customize each delicious, doughy creation to your exact specifications… Are you picturing it? Good.

Get ready for “Do It Yourself” on a different and deep-fried level!

Step 1: The Donut Base. Start out with a beautiful bare-bones donut.

Step 2: Frosting. What’s a donut without frosting? Choose any flavor, from vanilla to chocolate to caramel cream and more. You can even dye your donut any color imaginable with sugar spray paint!

Step 3: Toppings. Top your donut with your favorite cookies, candies, and even cereal! 

If you can eat it, you can use it to make your perfect donut. 

Step 4: Photo. Obviously you’re gonna want to show your dazzling donut off to the world. Find the best angle and snap a shot for your Instagram!

Step 5: Eat! Sure, it was fun making your donut, but the best part is the last part: devouring your delectable DIY Donut!