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Are you shy? Outgoing? Energetic? Relaxed? No matter what your personality is, now you’re gonna be animated!

Star in your very own personalized comic strip, with Custom Comics!

Work with our cartoonists to create an amazing, humorous, full-color cartoon that reflects the very essence of you. Whether it’s a story you enjoy, aspects of your personality, a hobby you love, or anything else your mind can muster, tell our artists and they will put their inky art to task to create an unforgettable piece of visual comedy just for you.

From superheroes to Calvin and Hobbes and even a Garfield vibe, we have you covered with a vast range of comic artistry to suit any silly storytelling, Sunday-strip style.

Let your fun-loving personality jump onto the page, as our artists stamp each strip with their satirical spin for an all-around win. You will be colored impressed as you’re drawn at your best!

Live, laugh, and let life be animated, with Vita Perfetta’s Custom Comics.