One scoop, two scoop, three scoop, woah!


Time to blow this pop stand, edible cookie dough is in the building! Introducing Vita Perfetta’s Cookie Dough Bar! It’s here, it’s tasty and it’s EDIBLE. You don’t have to fight that craving anymore, Cookie Dough Bar is here to stay!

This a-dough-able cookie dough bar gives you the freedom to eat cookie dough when you want and how you want it.

Our cookie dough is not only edible (no eggs, preservatives, or artificial flavoring), but it is also nut free and kosher. We also have Vegan dough options!

Set up like a classic ice cream stand, our artists will scoop your dough for you and add any toppings that you desire. Once your unique dough creation is complete, you get to choose whether you want your dough in a cup or in a cone.

Some of our favorite dough creations include:

  • Chocolate Chip off the ol’ Block- Chocolate chip toppings

  • S'mores Please- Graham crackers and marshmallows

  • Birthday Bash- Sprinkles

  • Milk n’ Cookies- Oreos

Your topping choices are endless. These may be our favorites but what are yours? Let Vita Perfetta know what toppings you’d like at your party and we’ll make it happen.

It’s time to get your party started with Cookie Dough Bar!