Feast your eyes!

Vita Perfetta Cookies & Cupcakes Decorating offers your guests the opportunity to create delectable works of art. Our artists will show your guests the ropes and then let them run free as they decorate scrumptious cupcakes (vanilla, lemon, strawberry, chocolate or red velvet) or buttery short bread cookies in countless shapes and sizes.   We have so many cookie shapes it's unlimited to what we can provide.  Custom 3d cookie cutter shapes are also an option!  


Our decorating station offers your guests a plethora of decorating supplies from royal icing, fondant and butter cream to terrific toppings like sprinkles, mini nonpareils, edible glitter, fondant shapes and sugar pearls. We even offer name brand logos and stamped images by request.

These desserts are sure to please the sweetest of sweet tooths at your event and the fun they’ll have decorating is just the frosting on top. 

Give your guests their just desserts with Vita Perfetta Dessert Decorating.


For either cookies or cupcakes, if images are provided in advance, they can be printed on edible sugar sheets and included in the decorating at the party.   Custom 3d cookie cutter shapes must be under 5" with enough notice.

Pricing is dependent on complexity of what's desired, piece count, icing options, topping options

Cookies and cupcakes are great from the start

But with Vita Perfetta they’re a work of art

The way our artists frost desserts is simply divine

So much love and technique in every design

With such sugary beauty it may be hard to bite in

But after one taste you’ll be glad that you did

Whether cakes of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry

These desserts are so scrumptious it almost seems scary

Oh that buttery short bread!

You’ll call for the cooks

exclaim to the crowd

“This cookie tastes as good as it looks!”

Your event will be sterling

But some help never hurts

For that we suggest Vita Perfetta’s lavish desserts