Candy Trees

Wandering through the woods with friends sounds dandy,

but we think it’d be better if the trees were made of candy…

Imagine a forestial scene of colors and sweets that you choose…

Well, get those thoughts ready, ‘cause we have some news!

Let us transform your next event into a Vita Perfetta Candy Trees!

It’s one part candy buffet, one part incredible, custom-themed decor!

Who knew trees could provide oxygen AND candy? Time to combine a breath of fresh air with top-quality candy-creativity.

From lollipop trees to towering timbers full of your favorite candies, the possibilities are endless! Wrap your walls with masterfully-made marshmallow wreaths. Add interactive center-piece shrubs that guests can grab treats from. Cotton candy trees, in any color and flavor you please! And of course everybody will talk about our super sour candy-covered neon trees (band pun intended).

Our Candy Trees can be set up and themed any way you want them! No color is out of the question, and all designs can be done!

So add some Almond Joys to your Oaks!

Try a Milky Way with your Maple!

Perhaps some Sour Patch Kids with your Pine?

And of course, what’s a Sassafras without Starbursts?!

Talk a walk on the sweet side, through Vita Perfetta’s Candy Trees!