Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Candy Pizza Parlor! Come whip up a pizza pie, as we redefine deep dish!

We’re swapping crust for rice krispies!

We’re exchanging cheese for white chocolate!

And we’re subbing pepperoni for pieces of crazy fun candy!

Our candy pizza chef will show up with pre-made rice krispie crusts, and a ton of topping options.

For the pizza sauce, forget about tomato! We’re using marshmallow spread or a creamy frosting, your choice of flavor.

From there, you and your guests can design and build your very own candy pizzas! Serve up a single slice, or make an entire mini pan pizza.

Finally, top it with any sweet you can think of! From black jelly beans to M&Ms, and gummy worms to cookie crumbles - we’re taking Neapolitan to the next level!

Once you’ve finished creating your Sicilian-style sweets, plop it in a pizza box so you can deliver good times after your event!

Go beyond the dough, at the Vita Perfetta Candy Pizza Parlor!