Candy Sweet Bar

When Vita Perfetta does a candy buffet it’s not just a pretty display, it’s a high energy, action packed work of art. We’re talking one of a kind and turned all the way up! Gone are the days of stagnant candy displays that fade into the background. The Vita Perfetta Joie de Vivre Candy Buffet is the life of the party. 

Have it your way! From elegant themed décor to rockstar fabulous functions, we create a gorgeous candy display paired with action packed, customized, candy entertainment. It’s time to celebrate, so stand out and show off with Vita Perfetta’s Joie de Vivre Candy Buffet! 

Choose your candy theme and customize it with our party options:

Candy Bouquets

Turn your favorite treats into a gorgeous bouquet. You choose the candies and our artists use them to create a custom candy bouquet right in front of your eyes!

Candy Skewers

How high can you stack your tasty favorites? You pick the options and have fun watching us create your colorful candy skewer! Layer the flavors and go absolutely wild with these fun treats.