The art of writing is a beautiful thing. Characters and stories come alive off the page in magical form of expression. But did you know there’s another art of writing that’s just as beautiful? 

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It’s called Calligraphy!

Simply put, calligraphy is extremely beautiful handwriting. It gives form to what would normally just be plain, old writing, and can be drawn in a number of enchanting, awesome styles with variations of color and form.

Our artist can put beautiful, custom calligraphy on note cards, envelopes, chalkboards, stationary, notebooks, and more! The best things to write in this style include names, addresses, and short phrases. 

Try our new “Sweets and Scribble” Calligraphy Class

Vita Perfetta is now proud to offer Calligraphy Class! We can stop by your event or location and teach you and your friends how to do your own calligraphy. We’ll bring stationary and supplies, as well as sweet treats to make class as fun and friendly as can be! By the evening’s end, you’ll be a calligraphy pro, and will leave with your very own handwritten art.

For beautiful handwriting that truly defines the art of writing, it’s Vita Perfetta Calligraphy!

Calligraphy Art

It’s a beautiful and mesmerizing thing when art and philosophy meet at a special intersection called abstraction. This exact phenomena happens each time Los Angeles-based artist Ives is called upon by Vita Perfetta to create custom Calligraphy Art.

Ive’s free-flowing calligraphy is often arranged in circular patterns and other geometric shapes.

His artistic style conveys a sense of mystery, as if inspired by the script of a long-forgotten ancient language.

Enchant your guests with custom creations of swirling calligraphy mandalas, crafted in perfect color for each requester.

Ive is also able to provide guests with unique calligraphy letters arranged in a monogram for those who prefer not to leave their calligraphy up to interpretation.

For an abstract experience that you can take home, try Calligraphy Art!