At Vita Perfetta, there’s only one way to feel about bows and bowties: the bigger and brighter, the better!

Big bows are the best, and if you’re wondering “can you add this?” or “can you add that?”, the answer is, of course, YES!

We take wide ribbon and trick it out with beautiful, vibrant, funky, and fun bling, among other things! Then it is tied into a bow, creating the ultimate, trendiest hair accessory for you to wear anytime, anywhere!

There’s a rainbow of possibilities: We also make wild, wonderful bows comprised of multiple colors by combining different ribbons. 

Tired of ties? Then give a bowtie a try! From big and bold to suave and silky, we can create any bowtie for you to wear, cause bows don’t just have to be for your hair!

If you’ve got bows and bowties on the brain, let Vita Perfetta Bows & Bowties be your one-stop ribbon shop!