What does it mean to be “bohemian” aka “boho”?

Some may say: Unconventional!
Others could think: Artsy!
Perhaps: New Age-y!
Maybe even: A Free Spirit!

Do you think that sounds like a good way to be? So do we! Let’s start with one place that we can add some unique and chic boho flair: your hair!

Boho Hair by Vita Perfetta is the ultimate in way to have your style say exactly what you want!

We start with pre-made hair wrap extensions that can clip in and out of your hair with ease.

Handcrafted out of vibrant, colorful threads, you can mix and match to make an amazingly eccentric look.

Finish your boho hair style with your own personal touch. Add crystals, stones, beads, and more to make sure your new look captures the essence of your true boho spirit.

Wear your wrap out, and when you’re ready switch up your style, no worries! Your boho hair extensions can come out and come back in with ease, like a cool summer breeze.

For a hair style that only you can create, dare to be unconventional, with Boho Hair by Vita Perfetta.